Amazing Namecheap – DNS SetUP for and Blogspot

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First Sign Up to, then Purchase a Domian in no Time. Check your e-Mail with the Purchased Domain Name. Then go to your DashBoard at and let configure your Domian DNS SetUp and allways your SetUps.

See the Image and Tutorial Below, how to set Up the Domian Correct with your or Blogspot Blog.

Wordpress & Blogger Themes
Include your DNS SetUP with yours at the Section REDIRECT DOMAIN

Source URL Destination URL
Wordpress & Blogger Themes

Type Host Value TTL
CNAME Record blog Auto
CNAME Record f2ai73j3y54o 5min
CNAME Record blog Auto
URL Redirect Record
Wordpress & Blogger Themes

Then we go to the Then to the Settings Sections and the Basic Settings : at the Publishing Section, include your Third Party Domian or Subdomian. Like the Image and Preview Below : Be Sure you include the Domian or Subdomian without www. after you include it, save all settings and wait unitl 30.min till the DNS is Ready and runs over your New Domian Adress. You Can checkout your Domian name here at the DNS Checker to see all DNS are pointed worldwide. DNS CHECKER

Wordpress & Blogger Themes

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